An Agent’s Challenge

Agents need to manage and process incoming emails, Sent emails, phone calls, interoffice conversations, client meetings and more. The immense volume of client communication that takes place in a day, combined with the time it takes to create an Activity in AMS360 (currently 48 seconds or more), can hinder any number of these important Activities from being properly documented.

Undocumented client Activity of any kind exposes an Agency to a major E&O loss.

QuiKer’s Solution

QuiKer was created to streamline the documentation process by bringing AMS360’s Activity screen right to the User’s Outlook Account. Users don’t have to be logged into AMS360 to send information via QuiKer directly to the Agency’s database.

QuiKer allows Users to create email Activities from Inbox or Sent emails, create an Activity for a phone call or interoffice conversation, access the AMS360 Customer Center, and to create, manage and complete Suspense. QuiKer takes the time needed to create an AMS360 Activity from 48 seconds to approximately 7 seconds.

QuiKer’s Results

Agencies have reported their Activity attachment rates have tripled upon comparing an AMS360 Activity report to dates prior to installing QuiKer.

Users have reported that QuiKer’s convenient reminder to attach Sent emails to AMS360 has made it easier to create Activities in real-time, avoiding the need to go back at the end of the day.

Users’ Testimonials

“It has helped our issue with Agents & CSR’s not documenting properly.” — Peggy M.

“I absolutely love QuiKer. Because of it, I don’t spend as much time logging my emails as it prompts me to log them as soon as I send the email. Even if I don’t have AMS open it allows me to log emails from Outlook.” — Cecilia G.