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QuiKer Joins Vertafore’s Exclusive Orange Partner Program


QuiKer, the virtual gateway to AMS360 that streamlines and expedites the management of daily client communications, email documentation, calendaring and more, is proud to announce they have joined the exclusive Orange Partner Program by Vertafore.

As an Orange Partner, QuiKer will have privileged access to Vertafore’s AMS360 API. Through this joint partnership, QuiKer’s Product Team will develop additional functionalities, and deliver Users an even more comprehensive Agency workflow solution that provides incredible time savings, maximizes employee productivity and minimizes human error.

QuiKer’s gateway brings AMS360 into Outlook, providing Users a seamless way to:

  • Document customer and inter-office conversations, phone calls, and meetings, without ever leaving Outlook
  • Attach documents from insurer websites and local networks with a single click, without ever leaving Outlook
  • Create, Modify and Complete Customer Suspense directly from Outlook
  • Add, optionally, an AMS360 Calendar Suspense to the Outlook Calendar
  • Access the AMS360 contact book, draft an email and attach Sent correspondence in ¼ of the time, directly from Outlook’s Inbox (no more toggling to the Sent Folder)
  • Attach email threads, from any folder, within seconds
  • Access a convenient record of email Inbox Activity to ensure the timely and accurate attachment of important records
  • Reduce E&O exposure with an easy “document as you go” process 
  • And so much more! 

Doug Mohr, Vice President of Industry Relations & Partnerships at Vertafore, says, “QuiKer has been providing tools to improve efficiency for AMS360 customers who use Outlook on a daily basis. They identified a need that our customers had to be able to work directly from Outlook and have emails, tasks, and calendar events integrate directly to AMS360 via activities and suspense items. QuiKer has evolved to be one of the most widely used partner solutions in the AMS360 partner ecosystem and continues to drive value to our joint customers.”

Learn more about the Vertafore Orange Partner Program.


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