A virtual gateway to AMS360 that streamlines and expedites the management of daily client communications, email documentation, calendaring & so much more

Bring the complete AMS360 Experience into Microsoft Outlook

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QuiKer is the one piece of software that across the board, our team absolutely loves. We have estimated it saves each service team member more than an hour a day, and for a small agency, that’s big!

Creating Activities and Suspenses through email is absolutely seamless. We had been waiting for this type of solution to come for a long time, and we’re so thankful it has!" - Dana Coates, UWIB





Episode 3: Suspense Options & Calendar Feature

What is QuiKer?

QuiKer allows Users to streamline the documentation process and triples an Agency's overall attachment rate in a third of the time it takes to log Activities in AMS360's Client File.

Create Activities & Suspense

  • Document customer conversations, phone calls, meetings & interoffice conversations
  • Manage your Inbox and subfolders with the QuiKer Activity screen
  • Create new Suspense, Manage current Suspense, and/or complete Suspense

Manage Communications

  • An automated prompt to attach ALL Sent Emails
  • Detailed annotation of an email's transmittal to AMS360
  • Export attached emails to a separate subfolder in Outlook for easy Inbox management

Contact Book

  • Access the AMS360 Contact Book directly in Outlook
  • Drag-and-drop email addresses into the cc: and bcc: line of a new email
  • Include the Policy Information in the Subject Line

*NEW!: Optional feature for Suspense to be duplicated within the Outlook Calendar to ensure proper follow-up
*STAY TUNED for the Print to QuiKer feature coming soon!

  • This is the most AMAZING software that we have ever incorporated into our agency. It is so seamless and efficient, my staff can't stop thanking us enough for installing it. If you have Outlook and AMS360 this is a MUST! We are a 9 user agency and I think this will cut about 5 hours per week out of each person's workload. I cannot imagine my workday without this!! Thank you QuiKer!!!!

    Danielle M.
  • It is absolutely fabulous!! I don't know how we worked without it!

    Donnis B.
  • The software is brilliant- it makes it easy to attach out going emails to contacts and lets me triage emails that I sent from my iPhone and add those emails to contacts when I am back in the office easily and efficiently with the Quiker prompts.

    Richard S.
  • I absolutely love Quiker. Because of it, I don’t spend as much time logging my emails as it prompts me to log them as soon as I send the email. Even if I don't have AMS open it allows me to log emails from Outlook (definitely a plus and a timesaver!)

    Cecilia G.
  • QuiKer is pretty slick, quite helpful.

    Denise D.
  • It has helped our issue with agents & CSR's not documenting properly.

    Peggy M.

Why Agencies Love QuiKer

Simplifies Documentation

All of QuiKer's features are accessible directly from Outlook. Users don't have to toggle over, or even be signed in to AMS360 to attach to the Client File.

Reduces E&O Risk

QuiKer connects a User's Inbox and Sent folder to your Agency's AMS360 account, eliminating missing documentation.

Boosts Productivity

QuiKer reduces the time it takes to create Activities from 48 seconds to 7 seconds! QuiKer saves Users more than an hour/day.

14-Day Free No-Obligation Trial

Trial the full version of QuiKer in your Agency.

Pro Tip: The best Trial Users are your highly compliant Users.


How to Get Started with QuiKer

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QuiKer Pricing

1-5 Users

per computer, per month

  • Future upgrades included
  • Helpdesk support
  • Add licenses anytime
  • Cancel with 30-days' notice
6+ Users

per computer, per month

  • Future upgrades included
  • Helpdesk support
  • Add licenses anytime
  • Cancel with 30-days' notice

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