• v3.12 - December 27, 2017

    v3.12 - December 27, 2017

    Suspense. Users can now access the AMS 360 Customer Suspense feature directly from QuiKer. This convenient feature allows Users to View, Complete and Modify the Due Date, Action, Priority, To, Policy and the Description of all pending Suspenses.

    Claims. Users will now be able to associate Activities and Suspense with a Claim.

    Link Added to Attachments. Users can now click on an Attachment's name to open and preview the .msg file, images or documents prior to attaching to AMS 360.

    Action & Doc Type Search Upgrade. The Action & Doc Type Search now automatically populates the selection as the User types the alpha-numeric characters. The Action field will no longer be pre-populated with the ‘first’ Action coded, but will be blank until the User makes their selection.In addition, Users can now hit the DELETE or Backspace keys to remove selections.

    New Pop Up Dialog Box. QuiKer has a newly re-designed Pop Up Dialog Box to help Users ensure they are creating an Activity for the correct Email. The new Dialog Box displays the To:, From:, and CC: fields, as well as the Subject of the Email.

    Improved Syncing of Suspense Box. The Suspense description has been improved to reflect edits made to the general Activity Description.

    Upgraded Customer Search Feature. Users can now input the Customer name in any order in the Customer field. For example, "Happy Village Inc" or "Village Inc, Happy". (Commas are now recognized in the Customer field, too!)

    Improved Ability to Distinguish between Local Documents and Cloud-Based Documents. QuiKer now detects cloud-based documents and these documents will remain in the Email message (.msg file).

    Outlook Audit. The QuiKer ‘audit’ checkbox will appear within an Outlook Column after QuiKer has been used to Create an Activity within AMS 360.This feature provides the User with a convenient method to ensure that Emails required to be attached to AMS 360 are, indeed, attached.

    Activity History within Outlook. Users can now view all QuiKer Activity within the footer of each Email. Information provided includes the date an Activity is Created, who it is Created by, the Customer Name, Action and the Suspense Date (if applicable).

    Recognition of Multiple Email Accounts. QuiKer will now recognize Emails sent from all mailboxes. Previously, QuiKer only recognized the default mailbox.

    IMAP Recognition. QuiKer now recognizes all IMAP accounts.

    Multiple-Entity Policies. QuiKer now has the ability to identify multi-entity policies in AMS360.

    Improved Ability to Edit Attachment Description. Users can now click anywhere within an attachment's description text, making it easier for the User to edit or replace the current text.

    Activity Date. Activities will remain time stamped, but now the User has the ability to set an Activity Date, allowing users to chronologically file Activities.

    Ability to select Attachment Security. Users now have the ability to define an attachment's level of security based upon Agency Security Classifications. These Classifications mirror the five preset Classifications as well as the Custom Classifications created by the Agency.

    Ability to Manage which Email Account QuiKer monitors. Users can set which Email account QuiKer monitors. This feature also allows Users to pause QuiKer while away from the office.

    Network Deployment. Administrators can now deploy QuiKer through Microsoft's Group Policy feature.

  • v3.13 - January 27, 2017

    v3.13 - January 27, 2017

    QuiKer Contact Book. Users can now access the AMS360 Contact Book directly from within their Outlook Ribbon with QuiKer Contact Book. Users can search a Customer to view all associated Email addresses with a Policy or Claim. Users can select the box next to the Customer, Policy or Claim Field to include this information in the Subject line of the Email. Users locate, then click and drag the desired Email address (or addresses) to either the To, CC, or BCC field(s).

  • v3.17.3 - April 30, 2017

    v3.17.3 - April 30, 2018

    Ability to Edit Filenames. Users can now edit Attachments' Filenames, as well as the descriptions. As a security feature, QuiKer does not allow duplicated filenames or special characters. To preview an Attachment, there is a small icon beside the filename.

    Create Suspense Only. Users now have the ability to Create Suspense Only.

    Inactive Customers/Policies/Claims. Inactive Customers will now display in RED. Cancelled, or Expired (but ONLY when not "Renewed," or "Rewritten,") Policy Status in AMS360 will display in RED. Inactive Claims will also display in RED.

    Company Field Added. Users can now select a “Company” from a combobox placed below "Policy" when creating an Activity or Suspense. When a User selects a Policy associated directly or indirectly with a Company, that Company is automatically selected in the combobox. The User can manually change the selected value. When the Activity and/or Suspense(s) are created, the selected Company is associated with the new Activity/Suspense.

    IMAP Sync Upgrade. In some IMAP accounts (GSuite, etc.) some Users experienced a delay in the Pop-Up reminders. The speed and performance of this feature has been enhanced.

  • v4.3.5 - July 12, 2018

    v4.3.5 - July 12, 2018

    New, sleek modernized Interface. You will notice this most in the “Edit Active Suspenses” window. Users can now sort all columns, as well as adjust the size of each column. If a User has multiple screens, the User can expand the window to be viewed over multiple screens. QuiKer will remember the view preference.

    It is also easier to now add text to a “Suspense” because the Description field now allows the Mouse to direct the cursor placement and recognizes the Keyboard Enter function. The fields are also larger, and more ‘user-friendly’. The Description field expands to display all text when the cursor is within the field.

    New Options. The new “General” section includes:

    1. “Include Email Attachments” option: Users can choose if they want attachments extracted or not extracted from the email. *Note: If a User chooses to not extract attachments, they will remain embedded in the original email within the Activity.

    2. “Suggest Customers based on previous Activities” option: If checked, QuiKer will suggest a “Customer” name when QuiKer recognizes an email address from a previously attached Email Activity.

    3. “After the Activity is created, move the email(s) to a QuiKer folder in Outlook” option: QuiKer will now automatically move Emails attached through QuiKer to a QuiKer subfolder, when electing this option. *Note: The QuiKer subfolder will be created within your Inbox after the creation of an Email Activity.

    4. “Sync Cache” option: Users now have the ability to allow QuiKer to cache/sync/refresh when opening Outlook, AND/OR Sync manually.

  • v4.4.9 - April 25, 2019

    v4.4.9 - April 25, 2019

    Outlook Calendar Feature. Now, a user may select if they want their Suspense to also show up on their Outlook calendar. The user has 3 options under Options > General to choose from:

    1) Always create the calendar event automatically when setting up a Suspense,

    2) Place a link within the Suspense dialogue box to optionally create a calendar event when setting up a Suspense, or

    3) Never set up a Calendar event when creating a Suspense.

    Edit Suspense Only. You will now be able to simply Edit, or Complete, a Suspense for a Customer, without needing to create a new Suspense or Activity.

    Hover/Rollover Feature. When searching for a Customer, you can now ‘hover’ over any selection with your mouse and a tool tip will appear with some more information on the Customer (i.e. mailing address, customer number, whether they are a prospect, suspect, or customer in AMS, etc.)

    Naming Attachments. Now, your Attachments may share the same exact name within the same Activity.

    Signature Images Excluded. QuiKer will automatically identify and exclude extraneous signature images (i.e- company and social media logos), so that Activities are saved with only salient portions of an email, including the text portion of signatures.

  • v4.6.5 - December 12, 2019

    v4.6.5 - December 12, 2019

    Radio Button to sort Policies.

    A user can now sort by All, or Active policies

    Radio Button to sort Customers.

    A user can now sort by All, Active, or Inactive Customers.

    Print to QuiKer.

    Once the Printer Driver is also installed on your machine, you can choose ‘Quiker Printer’ as an option, then, once you click ‘Create Activity Only’, the attachment/PDF you just printed will be attached to the Activity for easy attaching!

    Column Size Preference Memory.

    A User can now adjust the size of the window/frames/columns within the QuiKer display windows, and that preference will remain.

    QuiKer Contact Book Upgrade.

    The QuiKer Contact Book now displays a Customer’s contact information from the main Customer Overview section of AMS.

  • v4.6.14 - September 10, 2020

    v4.6.14 - September 10, 2020

    Additional time-savings with Refinements to Sort features:

    • 1) Policy versus Submission tooltip when hovering over Policy dropdown Menu items
    • 2) Sort by All, Active or Inactive Customers
    • 3) Sort by All or Active Policies and Submissions

    Column Size Preference Memory:

    Adjustments to window/frames/columns will be Saved upon Exiting.

  • v4.7.18 - April 28, 2022

    v4.7.18 - April 28, 2022

    Upgrade to QuiKer’s latest version and get all the bells and whistles of 4.6.14, along with:

    • Create a single Activity and 2 Suspense from a single QuiKer Dialogue Box

    When Creating an Email Activity or an Activity Only, Quiker allows the User to create two (2) independent follow up Suspense from a single QuiKer Dialogue Box. Users no longer have to create a New Activity or new Suspense to calendar for a second follow up item.

    • Create 2 Suspense from a single QuiKer Dialogue Box

    When Creating a Suspense under Suspense Options, QuiKer allows the User to ADD a second Suspense within the same QuiKer Dialogue Box and does not require the User to pop a second Dialogue Box.

    • Code modification to always accept, transmit and save emails with duplicate Subject Line text


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