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Check out QuiKer's key features by watching this video demo. See how Users can create an email Activity, create and manage Suspense, use the QuiKer Contact Book and more-- all without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

For more information, contact or get started with your Agency's 30-day free trial today to see how QuiKer will revolutionize your documentation process.


  • Everyone in my office absolutely loves the product. It has helped us a tremendous amount in not only saving us time but also making it so much easier to note all activities. I can honestly say that Quiker will help protect us from an E&O claim one day bc of the ease, simplicity, and timeliness.

    Owen B.
  • This is the most AMAZING software that we have ever incorporated into our agency. It is so seamless and efficient, my staff can't stop thanking us enough for installing it. If you have Outlook and AMS360 this is a MUST! We are a 9 user agency and I think this will cut about 5 hours per week out of each person's workload. I cannot imagine my workday without this!! Thank you QuiKer!!!!

    Danielle M.
  • It is absolutely fabulous!! I don't know how we worked without it!

    Donnis B.
  • The software is brilliant- it makes it easy to attach out going emails to contacts and lets me triage emails that I sent from my iPhone and add those emails to contacts when I am back in the office easily and efficiently with the Quiker prompts.

    Richard S.
  • I absolutely love Quiker. Because of it, I don’t spend as much time logging my emails as it prompts me to log them as soon as I send the email. Even if I don't have AMS open it allows me to log emails from Outlook (definitely a plus and a timesaver!)

    Cecilia G.
  • QuiKer is pretty slick, quite helpful.

    Denise D.

Key Features

QuiKer's features are largely designed by User feedback, with the goal of continuously optimizing Agency performance & workflows.

Attach Inbox email AND Reply email
Customer Center access
Automated prompt to attach Sent email
Drag & drop multiple emails
Inbox audit feature
Automated Inbox cleanup
Create new Suspense/Action Code with email attachment
Create new Suspense/Action Code without an email attachment
Edit AND Complete Suspense
Create a CC in Suspense
Ability to create an Outlook Calendar event when creating Suspense
Attach a task other than an email Activity (phone call, interoffice conversation, research)
Access to Contact Book
Generate an email from Contact Book

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